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Hello, I am Aayush Agarwal. I have rich interest in Web Development, Designing, Machine Learning. I am a professional painter and a musician. Born in Siliguri, West Bengal; It has been a long journey till here. I hope this website will interest you in my life.
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  • My Fields

  • Web Development

    I love working on Web Technologies specially on the front end. I am currently exploring this field hugely.

  • Graphic Design

    I have good interest in graphic design. Commonly I use Illustrator And Photoshop for the purpose. UI/UX design is also one of my interests.

  • Painting

    I love painting since chilidhood. I am a professional painter and mostly do portraits with Oil paints.

  • Music

    I play Hawaiian Guitar and some Indian percussions. I love to write and sing songs in my leisure hours.

  • Resume


  • 2020-Present

    CSS Developer

    Codeacious Technologies

    Converting designs into HTML and CSS code for various projects

  • 2020-Present

    Front End Developer

    Mind Webs

    Working on the front end for various projects using Angular and other frameworks

  • 2020-Present

    Core Community Member

    Developers Club KGEC

    Work on various activities of Web Development and involve in development community

  • 2019-Present

    Graphic Designer

    ShutterBug KGEC

    Designing posters and graphics for events and various requirements


  • 2020-Present

    B.Tech in IT

    Kalyani Government Engineering College

    Pursuing graduation and expected to complete in 2023

  • 2019


    DAV School, Siliguri(AISSCE)

    Completed my 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science with 94.7%

  • 2017


    Saint Paul's School(CICSE)

    Completed my 10th with Computer Science as external subject with 93.40%

  • My Skills

  • Languages

  • 80%








  • Design

  • Graphic Design
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe XD
  • Others

  • Bootstrap
    Machine Learning
  • Hobbies

  • Painting

    I love painting and I am a professional Painter and mainly do my works in Oil paint.


    I mainly play Hawaiian Guitar but loves to play percussions and write music. I have done a couple of stage performances.

  • Latest Works


  • WhatsApp Web Clone

    Its a clone of the front end of WhatsApp Web made in Angular.

  • Triveous News App

    Its a News App made in Angular using News Api(Developers Mode). It shows top, searched and news according to categories. It also uses API load on Pagination for better data handling.

  • Sorting Visualizer App

    Its a App made in Angular to visualize several sorting algoriths in various size of arrays. The sorting algoriths used are Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Heap Sort.

  • Tap Timer

    Its a Time management app made in Angular. Here we can add the tasks we want to do and keep track of time spent in each of them helping in keeping track of productivity.

  • Drawing Board

    Its a drawing board made using Vanilla JS and is a fully functional drawing board with different sixes, erasers etc. Works on both mobile and desktop.

  • Day and Night Website

    Its a website home page made with various animations jusing CSS and Javascript such as birds, snowfall, rain etc.

  • 2D Ray Casting

    Its a 2D Ray Casting Algorithm made in p5.js. It generates random walls and the light source is mouse controlled.

  • Terrain Generation

    Its a Terrain Generation algorithm made with perlin noise in Processing environment.

  • Starfield

    Its a moving Starfield made in Processing enviroment. The travelling speed increases according to the mouse movement.

  • Snowfall

    Its a Snowfall simulation made in p5.js. It has added wind force on mouse move.

  • Fractal Tree

    Its a fractal tree made in processing enviroment.

  • Tic Tac Toe

    Its a Tic Tac Toe game made in p5.js. It uses MiniMax Algorithm as computer player.

  • Art

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